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100 ways to die in portal


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After months of working, filming and delaying we have finally released our video: 100 ways to die in Portal. The video shows 100 comedic ways to die with references to the game. 100 ways to die has been done before, such as 100 ways to die in gmod and 100 ways to die in halo. But it had never been done in Portal so we thought it would be up to us to do it.

The video shows 100 ways to die, but we could have easily made 100 more. Unfortunately the video would have become way too long so we have made a selection of 100 and put those in the final cut. We might be releasing seperate videos later showing some of the ideas we didn’t use in this video.

And no, we are (probably) not going to do a 100 ways to die in portal 2 untill team garry hexes all models from portal 2.

Songs used (in order, so y’all won’t bitch in the comments which songs we used.) Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive George Lopez - Lowrider Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Two Brothers on the 4th Floor - Never Alone Chilly Gonzales - Siren Song

Aslon93: Footage recording Almas: Sound editor/ Footage recording Lalunatic: Footage recording/ Thinking of new ways to die Lionlake: Video editor/ footage recording/ thinking of new ways to die